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Your non-essential business IS essential if…

by | Apr 27, 2020

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Boost Your Brand - Essential Worker

Has your essential business been deemed non-essential?

“Essential business” is a term we are all familiar with. Unfortunately, this classification is not one of self-identification. Rather it is a label applied by some academics and politicians in a government agency.

Your business may be suffering because a faceless entity has deemed you non-essential. Reject this label. —JAY FORDE

Knowing whether your business is essential or non-essential is vital for your success. Some would say that unless you are providing food, shelter, medical care, law enforcement, liquor sales, or political leadership, then you are deemed non-essential. But is this an accurate or even appropriate label?

The American dream is built on a simple principle: The right to pursue our own happiness, while also not preventing others to do the same.

Here are three ways to know if your business is “essential”:

Solves a problem

Necessity is the mother of invention, and Capitalism is his daddy. If your business sees a problem, and if through your talent, skill, and determination, you are able to create a solution, then you, my dear small business owner, are an essential business.

Brings you happiness

Passion for life is what drives us to get out of bed each day. And as you take that first step, knowing you have a solution to offer should make you happy — more than happy, content. Using your unique talents and ideas to engage the world of business is exciting. Your business can be financially rewarding, but if it is also emotionally rewarding your business is vital to your own happiness.

Provides a means for self-sufficiency

And old saying suggests that if we don’t work we don’t eat. There is an important value to one’s self-esteem when we are able to take care of our own responsibilities. Getting help is not wrong, but no one wants to help someone who is not helping themselves. You took a risk to start your business. You were proactive in becoming a producer, not only a consumer. Every time someone creates a means to create self-sufficiency, there is one more person contributing success to us all. This makes your business necessary.

Your business may be suffering because a faceless entity has deemed you non-essential. Reject this label. If you are solving a problem by employing yourself and others, and are passionately happy doing so, then you, my fellow small business entrepreneur are not only essential, you are a most valuable contribution to the success of us all.

Stay essential, and remind yourself and your customers, that you are essential to their business success. Also, remind your customers and clients that they are fundamental to your business success! Thank them.

Stay essential to your own success. Be essential to the success of your customers. Bonus tip: be essential to others in need as a general rule.

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