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How to stay up in a down world… the new normal

by | Apr 20, 2020

2 minute read
Boost Your Brand - New Normal

The new normal isn’t new for entrepreneurs

The new normal. This is a recently hyped term. It refers to the conditions of living after this global economic pause has resumed. A few short weeks ago our “old normal” was record-setting prosperity with runaway business opportunity. Then it all came to an abrupt stop. What does this mean for small businesses and us as a community of entrepreneurs?

Every report suggests we have every reason to lower our expectations for success in the coming weeks, or even years. This conflicts with our instinctive desires for success. Growth requires optimism. Even if it comes with risk. Small business owners, better than most, understand risk. It is the end of the pool where our feet don’t touch the bottom. Where we have to swim or drown.

Failure isn’t the only option

Sinking and drowning are definitely two possible outcomes when one ventures into the deep end of the pool. Yet, swimming and floating on top of the deepwater remain our possibility as well. Risk. Reward. Two sides of the same coin. We can’t know the freedom and exhilaration of swimming by sitting on the edge of the pool afraid to get wet.

Our new normal is the same as it always was. That is if you are the kind of entrepreneur who looks for new opportunities. If you are a producer, then you know that your customers are still in need of your services. They, like you, are currently stymied from acting upon their economic instincts.

You can’t offer hope to your customers until you find hope from within. Your customers are looking for confident business leaders. That is you. You are a confident business leader if you choose to be.

Your customers need to hear from you

Contact your clients via email, telephone, mailing lists, social media, or updates to your web site. Let them know you are preparing for the new normal by staying normal during this season of uncertainty. They need to know that you are ready to meet their service or product needs the moment you are able to.

How are your clients doing? Ask them. Let them know you care about them as co-experiencers in this trying season. Learn from them about new ways your business can rise to the challenge of creating new solutions.

So, how do we stay up in a down world? The new normal is not new for small business owners who look for new opportunities.  Remain hopeful, because hope floats and shows others where to go. Fuel your engine with actions that create solutions for others. In other words, remember why you started your business and return to your roots. Reignite your passion like the new business startup that you are now.

If you need help, please contact me today and let’s do this!

Reach out to your customer base and see how they are doing and offer your help.

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