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Create social media accounts for your business

by | Feb 15, 2020

1 minute read
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Go where your customers are

Do your customers congregate on social media? Then you should too. Creating business accounts on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are absolutely free. Keep in mind, when the product offered is free, your information is the currency paid to utilize it. Incorporating the use of social media into your marketing plan has its advantages if your that’s where your target market hangs out. But, if your customers don’t use social media, then it may not be a necessary strategy for your business right now. However, the simple practice of offering engaging content and interacting with your customers has benefits. Namely, it can fuel your branding efforts and put your name in the forefront of your audience’s minds. Again, only if that’s where your audience resides.

Take note, while creating the account is free, it will cost you time and effort. And the rewards you could reap from using it directly relate to the time and energy you put into maintaining it.  So bear that in mind if you proceed with this option. If you need help setting up and managing your social media, contact me. I can help.

Social media offers you immediate access to customers. This is where you can communicate with your audience, gain valuable feedback and test marketing ideas.

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