WordPress Maintenance

WordPress websites need continuous monitoring, and maintenance.

Sign up for one of my WordPress maintenance plans today and set your mind at ease.

I am not sure if you are following the latest trends in internet stuff, but websites are under constant attack these days. The attacks are increasingly more sophisticated. The biggest risk for your web site, is outdated WordPress security updates, outdated WordPress themes, and outdated or discontinued plugins.

WordPress websites need continuous monitoring, maintenance, and fine-tuning so that they can give optimum performance and stay safeguarded from hackers. But in case you face the worst situation, someone should be there to restore the site from a clean up-to-date backup.

After you sign up, we will contact you with instructions for securely granting us access to your site to begin the maintenance service.

WordPress Updates

All WordPress websites need updating from time to time. All my plans include updating service for core WordPress files and the plugins that your website is using.

Website Updates

Most websites need minor changes and adjustments every now and then. You may find it difficult or have no time to make those changes. We can do that for you within 24 hours.

Malware & Performance Scans

I run periodical checks for malware and do performance scans on your WordPress site. As an add-on service, I also fix hacked websites for an additional fee.

Uptime Monitoring

Frequent downtime of your website hampers your business as well as search engine rankings. I closely keep watch on your website’s uptime and act fast when necessary.

Scheduled Cloud Backups

Get peace of mind with my scheduled cloud backups service on a weekly or daily basis for all your WordPress files and complete WordPress database.

Regular Reporting

I will send you periodical reports consisting of the updates and scans I have performed within the contract period and the latest website rankings and analytics.

Subscription fees will be charged one month in advance. You can cancel a subscription at any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you find answers to the questions I am most commonly asked about my WordPress maintenance services. If you have a question that you cannot find an answer to, please contact me directly and I will reach out to you.

How do you gain access to my site?

After you sign up, we will contact you via telephone to gain access. You can either create an additional WordPress user account for us and provide the user name and password over the phone, or we will walk you through the process step-by-step. WE WILL NOT SOLICIT YOUR MAIN ADMINISTRATIVE ACCOUNT CREDENTIALS OVER EMAIL FOR THE SAKE OF SECURITY.

Do you offer 24/7 technical support?

My support hours are 9 AM – 8 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. Any support emails submitted during off-hours are immediately attended to during our regular support hours. 

What do you need to set up support?

Your successful subscription enrollment automatically entitles you to utilize our support services.

How does your technical support work?

I offer email and phone-based support depending on the subscription you select.  I strive to make sure all communication is documented and extremely clear. I do not provide support for hosting-related issues, directly. But I can act as a liaison with your web host to address hosting-related technical support issues, billed separately.

Can you restore the site from a backup?
Provided that the backup is available, yes. While I’m happy to restore a site at no charge for any customer, continued usage of this feature may consume monthly development time (if available in your account), and/or incur additional fees. I will notify you prior to charging anything to your account.
If an update breaks my site, does it cost extra to fix it?
The site is immediately rolled-back to the backup state taken prior to performing the update. The methods for this vary in some cases (due primarily to e-commerce functionalities, if present). From there, you’ll be notified of the issue.

The majority of issues are addressed free of cost, however, custom plugins, issues introduced by users, or particularly time-consuming issues may be billable. I will notify you before charging anything to your account.

How do I downgrade or cancel support?
You may cancel your subscription at any time. Contact us via [email protected] to initiate a subscription request. We can not prorate or refund any unused services during the remainder of the subscription period.

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