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How to introduce yourself as unforgettable

by | Dec 11, 2020

1 minute read
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Meeting new people is hard

If you are like most small business owners, getting new clients is the most daunting part of the business. Where do you start? With an introduction of course! Try this one:

My name is {insert your name}, and I’m a {insert your title here}. My job is to provide {insert your target audience} with {insert service} on/with {insert business focus}. I read a lot and consult {industry area} professionals so you don’t have to. I show you how to {insert most important service/benefit}, and {insert next most important service/benefit}.

The truth is, job titles don’t mean much to most people. The best way to introduce yourself is to explain what your job is really about and why you are so excited to do it. How do you help people? What problem are you solving? Your professional introduction should tell the audience about your contribution to their (professional) lives. What problems can you help them solve? Their friends? Their business?

Practice your elevator pitch.

Before you leave your bathroom mirror, introduce yourself to yourself. Practice confidence. You've got this!

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