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What is Social Media?

by | Nov 2, 2021

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Social Media is a community

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Yelp, are five of leading social media sites. There are a gazillion others. These tools offer you a variety of ways to create your own community or join an existing one. They allow you to communicate with your friends, family, and customers. You create a dedicated audience to listen to your expert knowledge.

Sometimes your social media content gets lost in the noise. As such, social media companies also offer some form of advertising services. These premium services offer increased exposure to your brand for a fee.

Social media communities all have a standard set of tools and features that you can use for free. This is usually offered in exchange for your private or semi-public information. Post carefully! In other words, if you wouldn’t say it to your grandma on national TV, think twice before sharing it the globe.

These community platforms allow you, or someone you hire, to create and share content. It can be any sort of branded text, images, and video media. The business benefit of social media is the viral capacity to attract eyes on your brand. This cuts two ways. A bad piece of content associated with you can severely damage your online reputation. It’s a new day, partner.

We like Likes.. but, what the heck is SMO?

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a strategy for drawing visitors to a website. SMO can be done two ways: by adding social media links to content and sharing buttons. Or by promoting activity through social media via status updates, reviews, tweets, or blog posts.JESS3 BrianSolis ConversationPrism4 WEB 1280x1024

Brian Solis created the following social media chart, known as the conversation prism. It categorizes social sites and services into various types of social media. (view larger image)

Visit the popular social media sites and consider creating an account for your business. If you already have one, create a post today with some of your valuable insight for your customers.

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