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Your digital marketing is missing this key ingredient


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Body language mistakes

Are your Tweets chirping in an empty birdcage? Your Facebook posts are seemingly invisible and your Instagram photo albums are gathering untouched dust, while no one is trying to Link-In with your business? When you tweet your sales pitch with riveting stats, you’re hit with digital silence; killing any feelings of positivity you may have felt. I can’t imagine why.

Lost in translation

Well, there’s good news: your digital marketing is missing a key ingredient and I’ll tell you what it is. Body language. That’s right, sometimes, you need to use your other, more authentic, marketing language. As a result, by understanding and utilizing subtle, non-verbal body language cues, you could easily create an engaging, visual, verbal, and textual presentation — all without fancy design programs, huge budgets, or hiring contractors.

The essence of body language is communicating the obvious, non-obviously. —JAY FORDE

The essence of body language is communicating the obvious, non-obviously. This invisible language is present in your writing as well. I’ll walk you through two quick and easy ways to use body language principles effectively in your writing. When we’re done you’ll know exactly how to use a personal approach to your digital marketing.  As a result, you will be able to create a conversation with people, who may, in time, become customers. Ready? Let’s dive in.

Stop slouching

First of all, bad posture. Bad posture often communicates a lack of confidence. In your writing, don’t slouch. Casual confidence comes from healthy self-esteem. My dad taught me that, “everyone is a salesperson when they believe in the product”.

I can sell any bacon lover 100 lbs. of hickory smoked savory sweet thick slab bacon, with my eyes closed. No need for a sales manual, handbook or visual aids. I LOVE bacon and I believe in bacon… and I digress. In other words, I won’t waste time and energy trying to convert perfectly content vegans with my hickory smoked nirvana.

You become the annoying salesperson when it’s obvious you don’t understand much less believe in your own product or service. You become the desperate creepy salesperson when you force your sales pitch on someone who has absolutely no interest. Stop trying to tap into the “exploding vegan market” with your premium bacon.

Space invaders

Secondly, remember that you are always sending signals to other people.  Invading personal space is seen as an act of hostility. Western societies typically use five different zones, depending on social situations. Don’t bum rush your sales leads.  Yo!… chill out, partner. I can smell your desperation from here. Be you. Enjoy you. But, for Pete’s sake, let others have a chance to observe the authentic you from a safe distance. Take your time to build connections.

A natural sales funnel

Here are the five personal space zones we observe, along with their digital marketing analogy. Notice how a sales funnel appears in this process.

12 feet: The public zoneThe purpose is to avoid physical interaction. You are wearing your “I heart bacon” t-shirt (social media, blogging, inbound marketing) getting drinks at the refreshment table at the bacon lovers party.
4 feet: The social zoneThis is reserved for social interactions such as business settings. You are attracting fellow pork aficionados and amaze them with your trending bacon trivia and jokes. (expert advice offered in online conversations)
18 inches: The personal zoneIt allows contact, and it is reserved for friends and family. Your expert opinion makes sense now since they found out you are the Bacon King of Kansas City. You field questions about YOUR bacon brand.
6 inches: The bromance zoneReserved for close relationships. Your expertise worked! You have names and contact numbers. You’re now fielding orders. “Where can I buy your awesome bacon?… I want to give it a try!”
0 to 6 inches: Kiss me you foolThis zone is reserved for intimate relationships. “Dude, your bacon is freaking awesome! Do you sell subscriptions?”  You reply, “Yes! If you love our bacon you should try our new bacon infused pepperoni sticks.”

Think about your sales funnel strategy in terms of attending a party of fellow bacon-lovers. Move your marketing messaging through the same five zones. When you are casual, confident, and there to have fun, your interactions can move through these five stages naturally. If not, you will be relegated to stalking the refreshment stand, watching the party.

In conclusion, your target demographic should have a lot in common with your business solutions. You should love your business segment. If not, ask some deeper questions of yourself. Know your customer inside and out because you also buy into your product or service.  And when you speak your customer’s native language in simple, friendly, helpful terms, your body language shines through. They can detect your “accent”. They know you are from their part of town.

In the end, we all prefer to talk to people who “get us”.

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