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What is Search Engine Optimization? (SEO)

by | Jan 13, 2020

2 minute read
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A guy walks into a Taco Bar in Dallas Texas…

Everybody wants to be number one. Search engine web sites like DuckDuckGo and Google catalog the internet. Search engines provide a search form to allow users to query their catalog for a specific result. These results are listed in order of relevancy. These search engines make money by selling ad placement on their sites and selling priority placement in the results (known as PPC).

The organic (unpaid) priority is usually based on the content value of the web site. This should be your default focus! Create high value, highly relevant content for your TARGET CUSTOMER.  Search engines scan, catalog and determine the relevancy of text and media on a particular web page. They create a value assessment of your site. For example, let’s say you own a taco bar in Dallas Texas. If you did, I’d be your friend forever. But seriously. If you owned said taco bar, and let’s say you would like customers to find your taco bar when they search the internet. People would search the internet using words like taco, bar, Dallas, and Texas. I bet you are not the only taco bar, however.

Ask them how they heard about you

This is where SEO is critical. An SEO professional evaluates your business, product, or service. They then check your target demographic, geographic location among other criteria. Then they determine marketing keywords and key phrases that will attract a target customer. In the case of your taco bar business, SEO words like taco, bar, Dallas, and Texas are then strategically placed throughout your web site. Your web site is scanned and cataloged by the search engines automatically and assigned a content quality rank.

The ranking method is subjective and proprietary to the particular search engine. SEO tries to “crack” that “secret” method and adjust your content keywords accordingly. As a result, that so-called secret method is an ever-changing algorithm. SEO needs to be looked at regularly. The same methods that worked yesterday, may not work today. So, ask your customers how they found you.

Whoever is the best at optimizing their site with relevant content and media wins the highest rank placement in the search engines. Or… whoever pays the most. That brings us to PPC.

Check your content! Read your web content as if you know nothing about your business. Does your content explain what you do? Who you are? Where you are? And most importantly WHY you are better than the other taco bar? If you are confused by your content, Google will be too, and they will send your website to the bottom of the Hudson River.

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