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Three tips for branding a non-profit

by | Feb 17, 2020

2 minute read
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Your non-profit organization has a mission to help others. With precious few resources, you try to attract new supporters with a branding strategy. Is it effective?  Continue reading to learn three tips for branding your non-profit.

1. Brand Professionalism

Many non-profits make the common mistake of presenting their organization with well-intended, but unprofessional branding. With fewer resources, your organization must still strategically select the right branding options.

Every non-profit need these three things:

Your logo is your organization’s entire mission and messaging in one simple piece of artwork. A poor quality logo communicates a poor quality business. It can make or break your organization’s ability to solicit contributions.

A company website is absolutely vital to your non-profit success. It is the first place your potential supporter will check to verify your authenticity. The quality of writing, clarity of messaging, with clear action steps to get involved are the core purpose of your website. Your branding consistency here is very important in communicating confidence to your supporters.

Business card
Not all of your contacts will be digital, so you must have a tangible source of branding to use in your offline marketing and communications. The business card is still the simplest and most recognized form of one-to-one advertising. Branding consistency should include the logo, website URL, and telephone number. Keep it clean and simple.

2. Message clarity

Can you inform a potential supporter of your mission in one sentence? Can you clearly and articulately communicate your support needs to a potential supporter while standing in line for coffee? Can you do it in one sentence without being boring or high-pressure? Does your business card tell them how to contact you?

3. Clear action steps

Once a potential supporter engages your non-profit organization in person or through your website, they must be directed with a clear call to action. Do you need financial support? Are you recruiting volunteers? Hiring board members? Make it clear and lead your supporter by the hand to your action step.

Today you learned three tips for branding a non-profit that include brand professionalism, message clarity, and clear action steps. Taking the time to properly brand your non-profit organization will result in attracting not only more supporters, but more quality supporters.

Did you know that I offer non-profit organizations discounted fees for my branding services? That means when I design your branding package complete with logo, website and printed materials like business cards and brochures, you will save money. Contact me today!

Be sure to thank your supporters often. With all things being digital, sending a tangible thank you via snail-mail will be a welcome surprise. A branded reminder of your mission that contains a thank you will keep your faithful supporters, faithful.

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