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Five printed essentials for every small business

by | Feb 10, 2020

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The logo

Branding 101 dictates that a business has a logo. This signature design element is ground zero for all of your branding elements. The colors, fonts, tagline, all work seamlessly together to communicate your business brand, culture, and mission. The quality of the logo is a direct reflection of the quality of your reputation.

The business card

You are standing in line at the coffee shop and a new business introduction is made.  Enter the business card.  The perfect tangible and authentic advertisement. Texting, email, and telephone cold calls are important. However, business cards are the first “freebie” that your business awards potential customers. Keep the design clean with only essential contact information.  It is not a flyer or brochure. Only a logo, name, phone, email, and website are must-have contact details.

The Stationery

I learned early on that my invoice is the last phase of the sales funnel. It should be just as professional, if not more professional, than the advertising I used to initially attract the customer. Envelopes, letterhead, thank-you cards, labels, and invoices should all have your logo, use the same colors, fonts, and must follow a consistent branding standard.  Inconsistent branding is worse than no branding.

The brochure

The brochure is your offline website that a customer can pick up and take with them to read later on. It is basically an enhanced business card and marketing tool that summarizes your business value proposition with a call to action (CTA). Similar to the business card, it is another “freebie” you are able to physically hand to a customer. The other important consideration is that the brochure can be distributed as part of your offline marketing. Some perfect places to leave your brochures include business offices, doctors’ waiting rooms, auto repair waiting areas, restaurant lobbies, hotel lobbies, and tourist bureaus. Be creative.

The freebie

In a world that has been so digitized, physical interaction is very important.  Your business should invest in a few promotional items that possess a tangible purpose. These items can be handed out after a great meeting, or initial contact. Pens, USB sticks, magnets, calendars are just a few ideas. A recent survey revealed that 66% of the participants said they could remember the brand on the promotional product they received.

In summary, a website cannot and should not replace personal interaction.  You can achieve impressive results from handing out these printed essentials in person. The best customers are the ones we have the best personal relationships with. GIve them something printed to remember your brand, and you, in the process.

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