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Three ways to improve your small business brand

by | Feb 5, 2020

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Your small business brand can compete with “big business” if they follow a few basic tips. Here are three ways to improve your small business brand.

Start With Your Value Proposition

Branding is the hard work of creating and maintaining an impression of yourself in the minds of your customers. However, before you build a brand, you need to build value for your customers. A brand without value is seen as shallow. Shallow brands don’t create returning customers. What do your customers need, and what are your specific solutions to address them? If you create value for your customers, your customers will create value for your brand.

Define your Niche

When you try to be everything for everyone, you risk not being chosen by anyone. Focus on specifics. Tailor your business service or product to a defined target. A young professional woman versus a busy mom for example. Your messaging should represent a conversation with that niche target.

Stop “Selling” and Start Helping

Customers are in search of a solution to their needs. They choose the solution that proposes the highest value at the best price. When your solution is clear, and your solution is effective, your brand will be positive. Customers become repeat customers when your solution is consistently helpful to them. If you only see your customers as dollar signs, they will know it.

Bonus Tip…Be Authentic.

Your brand is a promise. It is a transparency statement of your values, skill levels, and promise of quality. Sell products and services you believe in. Use messaging that reflects your tone. Avoid trying to inflate your message. Authenticity is paramount. Keep it simple and keep it focused.

Test your brand message with a member of your target audience. How does it resonate with them?

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