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Three things that will make you successful in marketing

by | Dec 3, 2020

1 minute read
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It’s a digital jungle out there. It’s crowded, it’s noisy and it’s chaotic. Everyone has a voice and far fewer have an ear. Marketing is all about telling the story of your product or service.

Here are three tips to be successful in marketing your business.

Tell a Story

Not all stories resonate with all listeners. Your customers like a particular story, ideally one they can relate to.  Tell your story with your customer in mind. Use language and terms they understand. Don’t patronize and don’t use insider jargon. Jargon makes people cringe, while great stories make people stop and pay attention.


We are all tired of the constant stream of noise — visual and audial. Ask your customers how you can help them, and then be quiet. Listening is not the same as hearing. They can tell when you are not listening and just trying to sell them. Their needs should not be thought of as noise, they are clues on how you can close the sale.

Solve a Problem

Your business or service is not going to solve everyone’s collective problems. It is not a solution for everyone unless you are selling toilet paper. And even then… well, nevermind. The point is, when you match your solution to the actual problem YOUR client is trying to solve, your clients will be the ones trying to close the sale with you!

Visit a coffee shop, and intentionally listen to the conversations. Did you hear a business problem that you were born to solve? Is there a potential customer you can hand your business card to?

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