Case Studies

Here are some of our clients that got my brand boost

Project Details

Client: Mind Mentor Coaching
JF Designs was contracted by Mind Mentor Coaching to design a branding package that included a logo and a mobile-optimized website that was SEO optimized.
Client Industry: Life Coaching
Services Provided: Branding and Identity, SEO, Web Design, Web Development

Case Summary

Caroline Sada of Mind Mentor Coaching, is an attorney and multifaceted coach specializing in life, career, executive, financial coaching, and language tutoring in English, French, and Spanish. JF Designs was contracted to design a full branding package that included a logo and a mobile optimized website. We also provided basic SEO for each page allowing for increased ranking on the Google search engine.

Mind Mentor Coaching Website Portfolio
First Mind Mentor Coaching work example of JF Designs web design services