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How to Promote Your Life Coaching Business

by | Mar 24, 2023

3 minute read
how to promote your life coaching business

Are you a life coach looking to get more clients? Promoting your life coaching business doesn’t have to be difficult. The first question you need to ask and answer for yourself is who is your target client?  Who are you most expert in helping and why? Casual? Executive? Financial? Life? Career? Relationships? Each of these niches is accompanied by a certain level of predictable income for your life coaching business.

Remember, you are the first line of brand marketing for your life coaching skills and capabilities. Dress the part. Talk the part. Publically live the part. The keyword in your career choice is “life”.  How does your lifestyle match your promoted area of expertise? Does your life present a proven track record in the area you wish to coach in? Can your client see it?  Executives coach executives. Business coaches have proven resumes. Relationship coaches usually have great relationships to refer to.

With all that said, here are some tips to help you promote your life coaching business.

1. Start with your current network.

This is probably obvious, but, let your friends, family, and colleagues know that you’re a life coach and ask if they know anyone who could benefit from your services. This is where having great interpersonal relationships with your family and friends is beneficial!

2. Create a website.

A website is a great way to showcase your services and let potential clients know what you have to offer. Make sure your website is professional and easy to navigate. (Hint… I can help you out on this one!)

3. Use social media.

Social media is a powerful tool for promoting your business. Create accounts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and post regularly. Share helpful tips and advice, and engage with your followers. However, be mindful of the topics to weigh in on.

4. Attend networking events.

Look for networking events in your area and attend them regularly. This is a great way to meet potential clients and build relationships with other professionals in your field.

5. Offer free consultations.

Offer a free consultation to potential clients. This allows them to get to know you and your services before committing to a paid session.  Consequently, you also improve your marketing and self-branding skills the more you have to practice this.

6. Build a referral network.

Build relationships with other professionals in your field, such as therapists or other coaches. They may refer clients to you and vice versa. Every business (and personal encounter) you connect with becomes an opportunity to share your life coaching expertise. When these individuals experience your skills firsthand, they will be able to refer you confidently. Referrals have to be earned. Don’t demand them.

7. Offer discounts or promotions.

Offer a discount or promotion to new clients to entice them to try your services. Use this one sparingly. If you constantly discount your services because of a lack of confidence, this ironically will discourage new customers from trusting you with coaching their lives.

8. Ask for testimonials.

Did you do a great job? Did the client shower you with gratitude? After working with a client, ask them to write a testimonial about their experience with you. This can be posted on your website or social media pages to help attract new clients. In my career, I once received a 50% tip because the client felt I had so exceeded their expectations. I have even been given premium bacon as a thank you!

I have worked with a lot of life coaches who wanted to promote their businesses. Contact me, I’d love to help you!

Remember, promoting your life coaching business takes time and effort. Live the role. Dress for the client you wish to attract.  Be patient, persistent, and consistent, and you’ll see your business grow. Good luck!

Coaching someone is a privilege. Live up to the expectations of your area of expertise.

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