We have not passed on Americanism to this generation

by / Monday, 14 June 2010 / Published in Parenting
White House corrupted

Dennis Prager is part of a Q & A At University of Denver discussing “What it means to be an American.”
He says that America is jeopardized by not knowing what America stands for. This coming election cycle in November is a referendum on what we want America to be.

Parents in this generation are taking for granted that the schools are teaching patriotism, morality, and faith as a subtext. Far from it. Because the family unit is becoming segregated and isolationist, the schools are being left with the daunting task of being expected to provide education in common decency socialization policies of a civilized American community. The schools are equipped to fulfill this expectation. But unfortunately, because we have systematically removed the core foundation principals that once led this country’s schools, the Government, via the Public School, System, has swept into the vacuum and replaced these principles with a doctrine of  secular humanism and “group-think” propaganda. Individualism, is being slowly discouraged. The faster, smarter, more skilled are being told to stand in line behind the slower, ignorant and apathetic.

Teachers issue reward based on participation, not accomplishment. This goes against the very bedrock of what started this nation. America rewards the savvy, the original, the prepared. The basic most fundamental personality trait of America has always been: if you can dream it, then pursue it. Our Constitutional policies were originally put in place to enable this core human tendency, not thwart it. Of course, the policies were put into place by a people who largely followed, if not at least respected, the core morality of the Holy Bible. The human decency laws this Book contains serve to form the foundation of most of the western world’s civilized law.

We are a people who elect officials to represent us, not dictate over us. We are a nation that used to support each other in patriotic community, not in anarchist treason.

It is not too late to teach our children well, if we fail in this, then our children will one day become our captors.