Building up others

With messages that are always customized for maximum relevance to the audience, I try to inspire others through my life story, humor and simple speaking style. I try to leave each group with practical advice for immediate use.





Invite Jay to Speak

  • Reaching Your Goals
  • The Theory of Relativity: Family Matters
  • Called to Lead
  • More Than Mediocrity
Invite me to speak at your next men's conference or retreat, church ministry group or corporate event. I use a humorous and engaging speaking style. With over 25 years in Christian ministry, over 20 years in self employment and 21 years as a husband and father, I enjoy sharing what I have learned.

Leadership Training

  • Characteristics of Leadership
  • Inspiring Change
  • Creating Impact
  • Influence and Persuasion
  • Building Not Bossing
  • & More
The saying goes, "If a leader looks behind him and no one is following, he is only taking a walk." If you are looking for creative and practical ministry leadership tips for your church staff or volunteer teams, invite me to lead a workshop where your team will learn simple and powerful ways to transform bored teams of people in productive and impactful leaders. Volunteer acquisition and retention are vital to church growth. Motivated teams need inspirational leadership.

Personal Coaching

  • Small Business Success
  • Personal Discipline
  • Communication
  • Setting Goals
  • Issue Recogniton
We all need a success team to achieve our dreams. Everyone needs a little push now and again in the right direction, or some words of encouragement. I'd love to provide you with some simple and practical personal coaching. Accountability is critical for success, so is self-discipline. As a husband and father of two teens, I have over 20 years of experience in practical living and listening skills. FREE TIP: Laughter is a valuable nutrient that should be enjoyed daily!
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One can't trust everybody, but these folks have met me and wanted to tell you about it.

  • Jay, I really enjoyed the Man Cave. That was a real good word and I know several men that I believe would benefit from that word like me. Thank you for allowing God to use you brotha!
    Steve P.
  • I am wanted to make sure you knew how appreciative we are of your help. Your touches really set the presentation apart and made it professional.
    Michelle D.
  • Jay...thanks so much for your time and wisdom. I appreciated your input so much.
    Steve B.
  • Thanks for your creative help Jay, I REALLY appreciate it a lot!
    Lisa B.
  • I appreciate your work and style. You are awesome!
    Chuck D.
  • Thanks Jay I appreciate all your efforts. We will certainly recommend you to others in need of your services.
    Barry S.
  • You all have done a swell job of getting this together and I appreciate your hard work.
    Benson C.
  • I am impressed with your professionalism! Thank you so much for helping me get this going!
    Cindy H.
  • I appreciate the kind work you have done for me with this.
    George M.
  • He is a natural speaker, and look at him! He could be an Apple keynote speaker.
    Kevin M.
  • Jay, thanks for the awesome, awesome testimony today. Both you and that message could carry on the road for a long time. You are an great messenger for God's greatness.
    Jose G.
  • Very powerful word, Jay! Absolutely beautiful testimony of God's power in your life.
    Julia M.
  • Such a great message. It hit home.
    Erin W.