Pro-choice, eating from the forbidden tree.

by / Saturday, 22 January 2011 / Published in Parenting
Pro-Choice, eating from the forbidden tree

Abortion. This is one of only a few precious topics guaranteed to inflame a discussion of volatility. Maybe it is because the word has become so common place we can actually debate the term as one of normality —debating civilly, moreover.

I, for one, never wish to see this word “abortion” become non volatile. No matter which side of the moral argument you stand on, in favor of the “procedure” or against the “procedure”, the word is still defined by both sides as “the purposeful ending of an innocent life.” A life that had no choice in being or ceasing to be.

The boundaries of the argument break down after that.  You can’t end a life, if it isn’t one. You can’t kill a person, if it isn’t one. What is life or a person then? I have yet to meet a human life or a person that didn’t have a beginning. All life has a beginning. If life has a beginning, then it can have an ending. When we choose to end each other’s lives it is called murder. When we reduce sexual irresponsibility to an arbitrary act of biology, we at least have to reckon with the biological results of that sexual irresponsibility.

The chance  to make a choice that only affected one life, ended when that sexual biology took place. Using murder as a way to abate our personal responsibility, is no different than murdering a witness to your crime. That conception is the witness to a crime. Society has ruled against that conception as a jury, and ruled in favor of the criminal, Sexual Irresponsibility. Instead aborted babies are considered “meat” by at least one abortionist.

From the time the fruit was eaten from the forbidden tree, death’s seed was planted into our moral conscience. This was the reward promised by the serpent. Knowledge of good… and now, evil. I can’t say that I am naive enough to believe I will see human nature overcome evil by its own efforts. I have a belief in the One who has overcome evil. One day I will see Him, and see Him finally destroy this evil.

Yet, in this earthly existence, I still want to  believe that we are not so far gone as a species, that we no longer understand the definition of  a word that means eliminating our species at it’s inception, in a mother’s womb without pause to consider the consequence.

When a Philadelphia Abortion Doctor is Charged with 8 Counts Of murder, I am encouraged that we are not forgone.. yet.  The fact that the liberal media bias barely regards this story because it deals a blow to a core value of theirs, the right to choose womb-murder, is proof this battle for conscience and proof of life is not over.

Choose to live your life responsibly.