Christian couple’s beliefs cost them foster care right

by / Friday, 04 March 2011 / Published in Ministry

LONDON – A British court has ruled that a Christian couple cannot care for foster children because they disapprove of homosexuality. Judges at London’s Royal Courts of Justice ruled that laws protecting homosexuals from discrimination take precedence over the couple’s religious beliefs.

Eunice and Owen Johns, aged 62 and 65 years old, had previously fostered children in the 1990s, but what one social worker described as their “strong views” on homosexuality raised red flags with authorities in the English city of Derby when they were interviewed in 2007.

Eunice Johns said Monday that she was “extremely distressed” by the decision, which Christian groups also condemned. But the judges ruled that Britain was “a secular state, not a theocracy.”

In an interview with BBC, Eunice Johns said as a result of the court’s decision “a vulnerable child has now likely missed a chance of finding a safe and caring home at this time when there are so few people willing to foster or adopt.” She added that she and her husband “are prepared to love and accept any child” — and that all they were not willing to do “was to tell a small child that the practice of homosexuality was a good thing.”

“We have been excluded because we have moral opinions based on our faith,” she said, “and we feel sidelined because we are Christians with normal, mainstream, Christian views on sexual ethics.”

>> Originally published at One News Now.