Marriage culture key to economy, study says Offers best outcomes for kids, nation

America’s economic revival is tied to the revival of a strong marriage culture, according to a new study.

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10 Tips for Giving an Important Speech. Get ready to fearlessly step on stage in front of a large audience.

Generation Me: We Didn't See it Coming

Something is happing in our culture. There is a subtle but very real shift taking place. If you work with adults, you may not see it because adults often get stuck in steady routines. They won’t reveal the shift. If you work with students you may not see it because you are so close to the change you can become numb to it.

Everyone wants to be like Steve Jobs and his powerhouse company. It's not as easy as it looks.

The one-time underdog from Cupertino is the biggest music company in the world and soon may rule the market for e-books as well. What’s next? Farming? Toothbrushes? Fixing the airline industry?

OpenDNS FamilyShield helps protect kids online

Use FamilyShield to quickly and easily secure your Internet. Block adult web content with our free family web filter. The single easiest way to keep your kids safe online — and away from adult websites — on your home Internet for free.