About Jay Forde


Perspectives on family, leadership and culture with humor, heart, and straight talk.

I am a husband and father of two who enjoys speaking, writing and commenting on family, leadership, and culture. For six years I served as Associate Executive Director for a large non-profit where I provided organizational leadership, staff development, and training . For over 25 years I have provided freelance photography, design and web development services through JF Designs, my creative technology and consulting business.

I am passionate about offering others the same thing that was offered to me. The power to change and become the best version of us we can.  This power exists in each of us. We all have the ability to overcome the past, and redesign the future. A bad beginning does not necessarily limit us to a bad ending. I know this from personal experience.

I’d love to speak at your business or non-profit event. I will encourage your audience on one of these topics:

  • Reaching Your Goals
  • The Theory of Relativity: Family Matters
  • Called to Lead
  • More Than Mediocrity

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